Lingerie Clad Women Seduce And Drug Prison Guards, Stage Mass Prison Break (VIDEO)

If you needed any more evidence that men often think with “the wrong head,” this story out of Brazil may convince you.

Twenty eight inmates at the Nova Mutum jail, near Cuiaba, Brazil, escaped after three women showed up, dressed in skimpy lingerie, and drugged the male guards. According to Mirror Online, the guards were found by police the next morning, after the women apparently gave them drug spiked whiskey. The women had reportedly convinced the guards to participate in an orgy.

Mirror Online reports that the women showed up at the prison at about 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, and asked to be let inside to “chat and drink.” Shortly after that, the guards took the women to their sleeping quarters. There, they were drugged, and handcuffed. The women took the keys to the cells, and released the inmates, who then simply walked out the front door, taking prison firearms with them. Police later found a bag containing lingerie and “police dominatrix” costumes that they believe the women wore.

Police say that one of the women was the girlfriend of Bruno Amorim, who was serving time at the prison for attempted murder, robbery, and firearms offenses. Police chief Angelina de Andrades Ferreira says that everything indicates that Amorim planned the entire affair.

Ferreira says that the guards don’t remember what happened to them. One of them was so out of it that he slept for the entire day, and police couldn’t even question him. A photo of one of the guards has been making the rounds on social media, apparently taken by the amused police who found him.

As of Friday night, eight of the 28 inmates had been recaptured. One was caught after crashing a stolen pick up truck. Another was found, wandering around the Nova Mutum area, in a drunken state, still holding one of the stolen prison rifles.

The three prison guards are almost certainly out of their jobs. Ferreira says they will be charged with “facilitating a jailbreak.” Because the escapees stole firearms, the guards will also be charged with “culpable embezzlement.”

Let this be a lesson, guys. Think with the head that sits on your shoulders.

Here’s a video report, from Big News:

Image via Mirror Online

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