Libertarian ‘Sovereign Citizen’ Busted For Playing Cancer Doctor And Abortion Provider


Rick Van Thiel (pictured wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt, of course), is a “sovereign citizen,” which is a way of saying he believes laws don’t apply to him. In the past, Van Thiel has been a porn star, a sex toy inventor and a male escort. Today, he’s in jail in his home town of Las Vegas for playing doctor.

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(He is) accused of practicing medicine without a license and claiming to have performed dozens of abortions, circumcisions, castrations, root canals, even cancer treatments.

His patients — treated in a ramshackle trailer described as a scene from a horror movie — likely were drawn in by his ads promoting holistic medicine and natural remedies and denouncing conventional medicine, vaccinations, the pharmaceutical industry, GMOs and government interference with health care.

Source: Crooks and Liars

Like so many sovereign citizen types, Van Thiel is distrustful of both the government and the pharmaceutical industry.

“We do NATURAL REMEDY RESEARCH for the purpose of increasing quality and span of life, one human being at a time,” Van Thiel claims on one of his websites. “Unlike the American medical industry’s toxic drug-dealing doctors, we don’t see you as your disease.”

He also thinks chemtrails are poisoning us.

Van Thiel didn’t collect American currency from his “patients,” for whom he’s performed all sorts of medical treatments. He did collect Bitcoins, gold, silver and of course, guns, for pay, though.

Van Thiel’s records claim that he has treated 87 “patients for everything from HIV to cancer to cysts. He has had no medical training — just what he’s picked up on YouTube.

He could face murder charges because one man he treated for AIDS died.

Here’s a video of him removing a cyst:

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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