Latest Seckin’ ‘Menmint Promotion Theme: You Can Kill And Cook At The Same Time! (VIDEO)

Hell, hunting them hogs makes you hungry right from the start. So what better way to whet your appetite for pork then by killing two birds (or pigs, in this case) with one stone (or M-15, as the case may be)?

That’s what a combination hunting/Second Amendment activist thematically did, as seen in a video recently distributed online (see it below).

Not only can you hunt hogs with an automatic rifle, but you can cook bacon on the barrel while you simultaneously shoot a few more piggies for your next meal, too!

It’s patriotic, even, says Dustin Ellerman, as he wraps a few slices on the suppressor of his weapon.

So much America right now.

Renegade rifleman Ellerman isn’t just a hunter, either (if that’s what you want to call a guy so wimpy that he has to use a military weapon to kill wild game). He’s also a public speaker for the personal weapons industry, and has appeared on media ranging from the NRA’s blog to “The 700 Club” in expression of his “Jesus gave me guns instead of gonads” theme.

Watch him fire off some 90 rounds to cook a few slices:


When not promoting this new culinary quirk, Ellerman operates his own “Top Shot Dustin” website, which sells items bearing a trademarked “Pray Hard, Shoot Straight” emblem. Included in the goods are everything from baseball caps and mugs with the logo, and even HexMags (brand-name ammo clips for use with automatic and semiautomatic weapons) printed with text of the Second Amendment.

His “manly patriots killing for Jesus” message shouldn’t do too well in the real world, though. Real men know that hunting with automatic weapons is the same as fishing by draining the pond. It’s unsportsmanlike, and it’s wimpy, too. And if the only way you can improve your testosterone level is by inventing new tricks for your phallic-symbol firearm, at least give responsible hunters a warning: wear a dress on your next hunting trip.

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