Kim Jong Un Sports A New ‘Hair Do,’ Gets Makeover With Super-Thin Eyebrows (IMAGES)

Kim Jung Un made another public appearance Wednesday, at a Politburo meeting. In North Korea anytime the “Supreme Leader” walks into a room, people take notice. This time it wasn’t any different – except – well, it was. It was really hard not to notice his cartoonishly-high hair style, and half-cut off eyebrows. It looks like Kim Jung Un is going for a new look.

And, quite the new look it is. Not only does it taper his sides with a traditional high and tight cut, befitting of an Emperor, no less, the real eye-opener is his gravity defying plushy locks, that look like weeds growing in perfect unison, properly coated with black dye from Just For Men.

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Doesn’t he look FABULOUSSSSS?

At this time, it’s not certain who his stylist is – but, whomever it is, is surely going to be in high demand after this latest photo shoot. The media in North Korea is reporting that he looks “better than ever, a look befitting such a wise, and noble leader.” Okay, that’s not a real quote, but its the North Korean government controlled media we are talking about here. One does not need to actually read this sad, 1984-like propaganda machine, to know what it is pushing into the minds of millions of unsuspecting young Northerners. If they say it looks nice, then it looks nice. Period.

Pic via Frank Feinstein's Twitter page.

Pic via Frank Feinstein’s Twitter page.

Also, The Supreme Leader’s face looks noticeably pudgier than it was a year ago. Believe it or not, but North Korean men were told to change their hair style to match Kim’s. It’s not quite sure they will be able to match the same level of face weight, though.

But, were not going to make any fat jokes – there are millions, upon millions of those, just on South Park alone – let’s get back to “The Do.”

Even Randall Park, who played Kim in “The Interview,” said that the haircut was the worst part about doing the entire movie.

I have to walk around like this all of the time, so I wear a beanie (instead). Sometimes I have no choice but to wear my hair and I try to make it look as normal as possible – but, no, there’s no chance.

Now, let’s talk about “the brows.” In much the same way Kim is known for being eccentric and a “tough, firm leader, not to be pushed around,” not by the United States, nor anybody – he decided to take on full eyebrows in a fashion statement of his own. Full brows are overrated according to Kim. Half-brows are in. Watch it take root, and make it’s way around the world. Don’t let your kids watch North Korean television or else they, too, will start sporting this new look. You were warned here first, ‘Merica.

H/T: NY Mag | Featured Image: Kim Jong-Un Fashion Week

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