Judge Slaps Down Whiny Bundy Terrorists: Ignorance Of The Law Isn’t A ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card

Most of the Bundy Bunglers, a raucous mob of 25 who are under indictment for federal crimes stemming from their unlawful take over of the Malheur Wildlife Preserve, were in court for pleading on Wednesday. Hilariously, the judge was forced to explain “presumption of innocence” is not a “get out of jail free card.”

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown stated in no uncertain terms that she wants this case “tried sooner than a year from now unless something makes that impossible.”

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Trying to get pleas from the group of seditious subversives turned into a circus of pedantic whining, par for the course with the Y’all Qaeda. When the judge explained to them that they are presumed innocent, several of them felt compelled to childishly dispute that they have been presumed innocent — because they are being held in Jail.

According to the Oregonian:

“It’s difficult to understand the presumption of innocence when I’ve spent the last month in a jail cell and led around in chains wherever I go,” Payne said.

Brown said she understood his concerns, but noted that his detention was a separate matter.

Co-defendant Ryan Bundy, standing beside his lawyer in the jury box, grabbed hold of a wireless microphone that the lawyers were passing from one to another and told the court that he shared the same reservation. He is Ammon Bundy’s older brother.

“We’re being treated as we’re guilty,” he said. “So I don’t understand the presumption of innocence.”

Co-defendant Jason Patrick, when asked if he understood his constitutional rights, replied, “I understand I have no rights at all. You’re the federal government. You’re going to do whatever you want.”

And David Fry, the last to surrender to federal officers on Feb. 11, joined in, “It’s weird – innocent until proven guilty – shackled up.”

Do they also believe that you get $200 dollars every time they pass “Go” in real life? There is no such thing as a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card for people accused and indicted for federal crimes committed with firearms. I suppose, to them, the whole world watching them “occupy” the refuge by force, threaten to kill those who would lawfully try to arrest them, and literally sh*t on sacred historical objects is not enough reason to keep them in custody until their case is resolved?

As for Patrick’s imbecilic lack of understanding of the difference between rights and wants, I have to say this: WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH — suck it up, buttercup. When you break the law you pay the price, and when you participate in an armed act of sedition, terrorism, vandalism, and terroristic threats ON CAMERA you get arrested (if you don’t get shot for attempting to pull a weapon on law enforcement personnel).

Then, you to go to trial, and, yes, if the judge says so you sit your ass in a jail until that trial is finished. This is not a violation of your rights, it is an affront to your juvenile belief that you live on your own private island with no rules (at least the ones you don’t like) while reaping the benefits of living in the USA.

Growing up is gonna hurt for these 25 adults, and it is no one’s fault but their own.

Featured image via Wikimedia.org

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