John Oliver Asks: Why Is Daylight Savings Still A Thing? (VIDEO)

John Oliver tours the world to uncover the origins of Daylight Savings and why we’re still doing it, because apparently, most people don’t like it and have no idea why we’re all forced to lose an hour of sleep.

This lost hour is quite costly. Studies have shown that during the week of the time change there is a marked increase in workplace injuries, car accidents and pedestrian fatalities, electricity usage, heart attacks and suicide.

The loss in workplace productivity alone costs our U.S. economy an estimated $434million per year.  This practice is not limited to the United States, either.  Approximately 70 countries around the world implement this practice.  Although not all of the United States adheres to the practice:

States and territories in the United States that do not observe daylight saving time, aside from most of Arizona, include: Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

While the negative effects to the human body are obvious, what you may not know is that the golf industry benefits to the tune of $200-400 million per month, and the barbecue industry enjoys an additional $150 million per month.  On the flip side, farmers and people concerned with school children are against it.

If you are wondering how we can end this practice of changing our clocks back and forth twice a year, there is a petition to Congress. It’s time.


Featured image is a screenshot from the video above.

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