It’s Not HUUUGGE! Artist Paints What She Think Trump Looks Like Nude (IMAGE)  

Donald Trump is a despicable and contemptible pretend human being who gives nice and decent burnt orange people a bad name. While it’s looking more and more like he will be the last insane clown standing in the 2016 GOP Insane Clown Posse–a notion that could send anyone into permanent shock therapy–he is deserving of nothing but the utmost ridicule.

We’ve seen quite a bit of funny things inspired by utterly offensive things said by the Donald. For example, we have the Donald butt plugs and the Donald pinata. But now we have the timeless art of seduction in the form of a hilarious rendering of a nude Donald Trump. In what can be best described as the satirical and insulting nude painting Marge Simpson did of Mr. Burns, the one of Trump does similar justice.

“I want a nude painting of Donald Trump,” said nobody ever.

Seriously, has anyone ever wanted to see a naked Donald Trump without a gun being held to their head? Not even one of Trump’s many trophy wives ever wanted to see him nude, unless it meant more jewelry or fur coats. But get ready to have this image burned into your brain, which appears to be missing two very important parts. Will let you be the judge of what those are. Note: The itty bitty man parts had to be censored for the sake of self-preservation.


Forget bombing the sh*t out of ISIS! All we need to do is drop this print from drones every day in the Middle East and ISIS will immediately surrender. Besides the ugliest and tiniest penis known to mankind, the funniest thing about this print is that it’s lacking testicles. After all, having big nuts was always Trump’s signature boast and only qualification. If you’re looking for a belated Valentine’s Day gift to give your dreaded ex, you can purchase the uncensored print HERE. Why anyone, of any given walk of life, would want to have this is in their home, is certainly something that will keep you up late at night. Regardless, you can bet every penny that the Donald will be suing this artist for making him into a sackless freak.

Featured image via BarStoolSports

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