Israelis Goof On Netanyahu Defending Hitler With Memes And Tweets, And It Is GLORIOUS!

In case you haven’t heard, Bibi Netanyahu declared in a speech recently that Adolf Hitler wasn’t necessarily going to kill the Jews until he was coerced by a bad, bad Palestinian who said he should “burn them.” Yes, he actually said that. The Prime Minister of Israel made excuses for Adolf Hitler. No, not some guy named after the German who killed six million Jews…The actual Adolf Hitler.

He probably got the idea from the American-right. They’ve managed to convince millions of people who Jesus hated the poor, corporations are people and the Confederate flag is about porch swings and lemonade. Is it really that far of a step from that to exonerating Hitler?

Well…Yeah. Of course it is. It’s as ridiculous as asserting that the Confederate flag isn’t offensive because it was actually the battle flag of Virginia. Like that matters. Netanyahu has managed to offend a nation, not simply for bad policy, but for trying to rewrite the greatest atrocity in human history.

Israelis aren’t pleased. They’ve taken to social media to scold him. Some are using the angry approach while others, used to the antics of their right-wing leader, have gone down the road towards Funnytown.

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It’s time we found who really broke up The Beatles. (By Shira Glezerman/


By Oren Gamchi/


Meme of Netanyahu seen erecting a memorial plaque for Adolf Hitler, who ‘opposed the extermination of the Jews until the Mufti said so.’ (By John Brown/


By Shira Glezerman/

And then there were the tweets and Facebook posts:


And the winner of all things funny about Netanyahu today is this video:

It seems there’s some civil disobedience going on in Israel. If he treats his own people like he treats Palestinians, there should be a coup any day now.

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