INSTANT KARMA: Road Rager Punches Driver, Is Promptly Arrested By Nearby Cop (VIDEO)

A 26-year-old man is facing assault charges after a road rage incident that was caught on camera in East Vancouver, Canada. YouTube footage, captured on a vehicle’s dash camera, shows a male driver exiting his vehicle after traffic comes to a halt.

The driver exits the white sedan and walks up to a Volkswagen stopped in traffic in front of him. After poking his head into the car’s window briefly, he delivers a rather pathetic punch to the driver — apparently not noticing police responding to another incident just hundreds of feet away. After the sucker punch, he retreats to his vehicle.

The victim’s passenger notices police and runs across the street to notify them of the attack.

Witness Norman Rydings, whose white van was stopped next to the Volkswagen, jumped out to ensure that things did not escalate. “We don’t have much of an opportunity to help people these days and I realize that’s kind of my calling in life, to help people out,” he said, describing the incident as “pretty intense.”

Shortly afterwards, the attacker was handcuffed and taken into custody. According to Sgt. Randy Fincham, the man has been released and has assault charges pending against him.

The dash camera will likely play a role in the case, according to Fincham.

“We’re seeing on a more frequent basis that there is video out there at times that can assist us in investigations,” he said.

Watch this road rager get an instant dose of karma, below:

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