In Hilarious Mix Up, ISIS Cyber Attack Takes Down The Wrong Google (IMAGES)

Make no mistake about it, ISIS/Daesh is a horrific, evil group of subhumans. But sometimes they are also the Keystone Cops of terrorists. They were on display as the latter on Monday, as hackers connected to the group proudly announced that they had taken down Google.

It only stands to reason that a group that wants to take the world back to the sixth century may not have the best and brightest technology people working for it — and that appears to be exactly the case. A group calling itself the Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) promised that they were going to take down search and advertising giant Google, and on Monday they posted the following image to the messaging app Telegram:

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via Newsweek

via Newsweek

The group of Anonymous wannabes even told everybody the attack was coming.

via Vocativ

via Vocativ

But if you didn’t notice any interruptions when you tried doing a search, and if you were still able to see and click on Google ads, it’s because the CCA took down an Indian search engine optimization (SEO) site called Add Google Online. That site has nothing to do with Google.

In addition to the image below, CCA put an ISIS song in French on the site. That song includes the words “We will kill you without pity… for Allah alone we wear suicide belts.”

via Newsweek

via Newsweek

As of Tuesday morning the site had been retaken; whether by the owners or another party is unclear. But visitors are now greeted with this dialog box:


And when you click on “OK” you get a notice that the site is “Pwned by “n3far1ous.” The ISIS song is gone, replaced by metal music, and this image:

Add Google Online

We know that ISIS is serious business, and our hearts go out to all of those whose lives have been affected by these thugs. But sometimes they just remind you of this guy:


Featured image via screen capture/Newsweek

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