‘I’m Sick Of This Family’ – News Anchor REFUSES To Talk About Kardashians (VIDEO)

I am rather proud to say that I don’t believe I’ve ever written about a Kardashian, with the possible exception of Caitlyn Jenner. Why don’t I write about the Kardashians? Mostly because they don’t contribute anything to the world. To be fair, though, they aren’t as toxic as say, the Palins.

Still, you’d probably be hard pressed to find people who aren’t sick of the Kardashians, but that doesn’t stop the media from reporting on them ad nauseam.

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Fox 35 Orlando anchorman John Brown is sick of the Kardashians, too, and when he was supposed to talk about them on Friday on a live broadcast, he walked off the set yelling, “I’ve had enough Kardashians, I can’t TAKE any more Kardashian stories on this show.”

The story they reported on was even dumber than most Kardashian stories, if that’s possible. It was about Kylie getting a pet bunny and naming it Bruce. If you or I adopted a pet bunny, it would barely be newsworthy on Facebook, let alone worthy of air time.

Brown continued his rant off-set, saying how sick he was of them and “nobody cares about this family anymore.” His coworkers, all seemed amused, except for one, who argued that people do care about the Kardashians. “They get good ratings,” she said.

Here’s the video:

As many of the commenters on the video said, John Brown needs a raise for expressing what so many of us feel.

Featured image via video screen capture

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