I’m Not Generally A Fan Of Spiders, But This One Is Cute – Yes, Cute (VIDEO)

Before today, I had never heard of the sand spider. It’s not surprising. They generally live in deserts and sandy places in southern Africa.

They aren’t your typical spider. Sand spiders are able to flatten themselves and even bury themselves in the sand. The reason for that might not be so cute – it’s to ambush its prey. There are no cases of humans being harmed by sand spiders but they can be deadly to small mammals like rabbits.

Beyond its super-cool ability to hide itself in the sand, the sand spider can go up to a year without food or water, even though it lives in the desert.

The little guy in the video is like a shy little rodent. He first flattens himself out, then, he uses his front legs to bury himself in the sand. It’s all helped along (for us) by a narrator with a very charming accent.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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