If The Obamas EVER Did What Kellyanne Was Doing On The Oval Office Sofa The GOP Would’ve Impeached

Kellyanne Conway is back in the spotlight – but probably not for any reason she had hoped for.

In a picture captured by AFP news agency, Trump’s advisor can be seen sitting with her shoes on the Oval Office sofa as she messes with her phone.

In another angle, she is seen leaning in to snap a picture – her feet still buried in the couch cushions…

Even veteran reporters were just sort of speechless…

Is this the worst thing the Trump administration has done? Of course not. On any given day, Trump manages to undermine American democracy and hurt real people. However, this is unsettling for several reasons. First, it’s just painful to see Kellyanne Conway, a serial liar with zero credibility and a reputation for awfulness, treat the Oval Office like she’s lounging in her living room on her day off. (The fact that she does this in front of visitors to the Oval Office is a further sign of disrespect.) But more importantly, the hypocrisy from the right speaks volumes. There hasn’t been one bit of outrage from conservatives for her behavior.

Now imagine if it had been Barack or Michelle Obama. Or even their children. They were viewed under a microscope and their every action was torn apart by Republicans ready to pounce at any sign of impropriety. Thankfully, they never behaved with anything but class and dignity. Even still, Republicans managed to drum up fake “scandals” over innocent behaviors. When Obama ordered mustard on his hamburger, Sean Hannity lost his mind.


When Obama had a coffee cup in his hand in front of a soldier, Fox News spent days screaming about it.


Then there was whatever the hell this was:


So the next time conservatives dare bring up Obama or question his behavior in the White House, remember Kellyanne Conway and her dirty shoes.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images

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