Idiot Alert: Wearing This ‘Open Carry’ Shirt Could Get You Killed (VIDEO)

A Colorado business owner says he is making a statement about gun rights with the new shirt he is selling, but he also cautions that wearing it could get you killed.

Paul Liebe, who owns Nitelife Billiards in Grand Junction, is offering what he calls a “realistic” open carry shirt. The shirts feature  an image of a gun in a holster, attached to a shoulder strap. From a distance, it appears that the person wearing the shirt is open carrying a real weapon. What could possibly go wrong with this idea?

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Liebe says he is a strong supporter of gun rights, which is why he came up with the idea for the shirts. He calls them a great conversation starter, according to Denver’s CBS affiliate KCNC. He says that the shirts started out as gifts in his local area, but now he says he is shipping them throughout the country, even worldwide.

A shirt with a disclaimer?

Liebe is concerned that those who wear his shirts could put themselves in danger of a confrontation with law enforcement. So, to cover his butt from any potential legal liability, the shirts come with the following warning:

Open carry shirts come with a warning

This is the warning that comes with the “open carry” shirts.

Liebe is telling the buyers that those “good guys with guns” may see your shirt and think that you are carrying a real gun. Not to mention any potential “bad guys with guns” who might think the same and decide to take you out without warning. Seriously, as stupid as it is to want to walk around with a gun all of the time, isn’t it hundreds of times more stupid to want to walk around pretending to be carrying a weapon that you don’t actually have? Even some gun rights advocates think the answer to that question is “yes.”

Dan Zimmerman, writing at the pro gun site The Truth About Guns, says,

But open carry advocates that we are, even we would think twice about donning one of these and strolling down, say, 8th Avenue in New York.

Zimmerman’s readers seem to agree with him. The first commenter observes, “Wait…whut?!? Is this a one-way ticket to the morgue?”

Another reader says, “LOL, added to the list of some of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen…”

Still another says, “Some folks will do anything to make a legal buck. I can smell a lawsuit over this by a grieving widow after her husband scratches an itch under the “gun” when confronted by a cop. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea!”

It remains to be seen whether these shirts will remain popular with gun nuts, especially in states where openly carrying weapons is illegal, or whether even the most hardened of open carry advocates will see the shirts for what they could very likely be: an invitation to get yourself shot by someone with a real gun.

Here’s a report from CBS Denver:

Image via screen shot from KCNC

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