I Threw Up A Little: Ted Cruz Describing Queso Dip Dripping Down His Chin Is Your Daily WTF (VIDEO)

Some said it couldn’t be done, but somehow Ted Cruz made cheese sound unappetizing. Good job, Ted. You ruined something else.

For reasons that remain unclear, a reporter asked Cruz what made Texas queso cheese so great. Despite it not being a part of the question, Cruz got incensed that some out there might prefer “cheese dip” to “Texas queso.” Not able to let it slide, the Texas senator went on an extended riff on why queso is far superior – culminating in a creepy, highly detailed account of the sauce “dribbling” down his chin and on to his shirt.

Cruz’s rambling answer about cheese just proves what his observers have noted since the very beginning. He can take any topic and somehow make it creepy. How awkward is Ted Cruz in any situation?

Infinitely awkward.

Cruz, a man who wants to be the next Ronald Reagan, is the least charming, least relatable person in Washington. Oh, and probably the most hated by his peers. And that’s saying something.

Featured image via Twitter

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