Husband Tries To Surprise Wife With Breakfast, Is Confused With Burglar And Shot (VIDEO)

A Fayetteville, North Carolina man attempting to treat his wife to breakfast, will surely think twice before trying to surprise her ever again.

Zia Segule, a 28-year-old Fort Bragg soldier, thought it would be a sweet gesture to come home early and bring his beloved some food. Unbeknownst to Segule, however, was the fact that she had set the burglar alarm and it sounded when he arrived through the front door.

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Afraid that someone had broken into their home, his wife, 27-year-old Tiffany Segule — clearly a shoot first and ask questions later kind of gal — pulled out a gun and fired it through the bedroom door, hitting her husband in the chest.

Fortunately, Mr. Segule’s gunshot injury is non-life threatening. He was reportedly even able to walk and talk shortly after the incident and has already been released from Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

His only message to the media was, “I’m good.”

Mrs. Segule was apparently spooked about a number of break-ins that had recently occurred in their neighborhood. Detective Antoine Kincade, a spokesman with the Fayetteville Police Department, defended her hair-triggered response, saying:

She was doing what she felt was right and to defend herself at that time.

A neighbor of the Segules, Jose Estrella, told ABC 11 News:

I can’t believe it just happened, but I understand. I understand why it happened. Even at night, I wake up at night and say ‘Okay, did I just hear something?’ But I wouldn’t open fire just like that.

Sounds like good advice — given just a little bit too late.

Watch a news report about the unfortunate incident via ABC 11 News:

H/T: Sky News | Image via PAFOA Forum

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