How To Piss Off The Internet: Duct-Tape A Dog’s Mouth Shut Then Post A Picture (IMAGES)

A woman posted a picture of her solution to her dog’s barking on her Facebook page and the Internet went crazy. Katie Brown’s page info said that she lived in South Daytona Beach, Florida. The South Daytona police department’s phone lines were flooded and its email account inundated with complaints.

This is the picture that Katie Brown posted on her Facebook page on Friday morning:

The original post that got the Internet all riled up.

The original post that got the Internet all riled up.

That is what looks like a chocolate Labrador with its muzzle duct-taped shut. I assume, reading the post, that is because the dog was barking. Duct-taping its mouth shut is a cruel and childish response. There are any number of other ways to deal with problem barking. I guess Googling it was just a step too far for Ms. Brown.

The city of South Daytona said that it would investigate and it did. Someone contacted a family member who advised the SDPD that Ms. Brown no longer lived in South Daytona. The Internet went to work investigating, too. It’s probably better to have the police department looking for you than to have the Internet angry and determined to find you. I know I’d prefer the former.

It was determined by the Netizens that Ms. Brown now lives in Connecticut. The City of South Daytona posted this on Saturday evening:

Latest update from SDPD

Latest update from SDPD

People are now calling the authorities in Avon (and nearby Torrington), CT, including the Emergency Animal Response Service or EARS. A spokesperson for EARS was blown away by the response to this situation. Jon Nowinski, director of operations at EARS, said that he had received 70 calls within a few hours with tips on where to find Brown.

It has amazed us at how quickly this story is spreading and how many people are aware of it. It’s great to know there are so many who care about the welfare of animals in situations like these. It’s important people know their voices are heard and make a difference.

The latest updates from the Internet detective network state that Brown IS in Daytona and that the Daytona Animal Control Office is now in charge of the case. The city of Torrington, CT posted this very recently:

Update from the Torrington, CT police.

Update from the Torrington, CT police.

There is little doubt that the South Daytona authorities will continue to look into the matter, what with their email servers being crashed by concerned Netizens and all. Of course Ms. Brown is innocent until proven guilty, but she has admitted to the act. Florida prosecutes animal cruelty cases pretty well. We shall see. In the meantime, she should have both her dog and cat removed as she has shown that she is not above abusing them.

At this point, the Internet detective network has done its job and can stand down. Stop calling and emailing the various police departments. Give them a chance to do their job. If they don’t then we can resume contacting them. Well done, Netizens.

Featured Image by juoshttpinjexy via Stop Animal Cruelty Images  

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