Fox News Anchor Suing Hasbro For Making a Toy Hamster With Her Name (VIDEO)

Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner recently took Hasbro to court for creating a toy hamster they named “Harris Faulkner.”  Faulkner claims that Hasbro is purposefully using her likeness and name to make a profit — and believes that they have offended her enough to warrant a five million dollar settlement.

Yes, seriously, Fox’s Harris Faulkner apparently think she looks enough like a brunette hamster that her likeness is selling Hasbro toys — and she wants a cut!

She must really think that she does well with that five-to-nine-year-old demographic! As the hosts in this The Young Turks video quickly point out, this hamster does indeed have her name, though Faulkner is quite a common name. Oh, and the hamster appears to have a light complexion, while Harris, being Africa-American, obviously does not fit that description.

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I do suppose that if Hasbro had called it a “News Show Host” hamster and named it “Harris Faulkner” I could see that they were purposefully attempting to use her name and likeness as a selling point. It seems that she feels that as a part-time host to Fox’s Outnumbered and a Weekend Anchor on Fox programming she has become such a household name that just hearing her name would sell toys, like Meowdonna. It honestly just doesn’t look like her, though. It looks like a toy hamster. It seems more likely someone named a toy hamster a name they liked, and it just happened to be hers.

Harris also complained about the standard warning on the box, “May be a choking hazard,” because it felt like a “dig” to her. Since that warning on the box is a legal statement to avoid liability if the 2-inch long toy is choked on, not to make people giggle at your expense, it seems that this may be another case of “inflated egos go to court.”

I gotta agree with Ana in the video here– if someone were to name a toy after me, I would be tickled pink! It really does appear that Harris has lost touch with reality here. What do you think?

Feature image via video screen capture


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