GoFundMe To Fund Epic Real Life Troll Of Y’all Qaeda, And It Is Making Money

There is a GoFundMe that has opened for the purpose of sending the bungling Bundy boys starving yehawd squad, the snacks they so desperately need – well, that is, in the form of a bag of d*cks. As you can see, it has made $85.00. I will wait while you stop laughing.

oregon under attack

A GoFundMe has appeared that may just do what we all think about doing occasionally, send the entire terrorist cell a special gift.

There are some concerns being raised on the GoFundMe’s page that sending them the planned gummy d*cks may constitute sending aid to terrorists, and there is a suggestion that they send inedible d*cks instead. A message was sent to ask the organizer if they plan to switch to a non-food type phallus was not answered at the time of publication. This hilarious fundraiser has only been up since Monday, and the favorable reaction to this spot on real life troll is really clear in the comments section.

There are also suggestions that perhaps the ol’ standby is far too good for these moronic marauders, and perhaps excrement would be better. Perhaps it should come in a warmer so that the smell is optimal, or just simply be shipped in the same boxes as the d*cks, but I digress. It seems that the internet is not done with these buffoons yet, and that is no less than they deserve for the very ineptitude of their so-called Occupation.

Recently, these idiots decided that they were going to bring their own children to the place many of them have stated they are anticipating their deaths to be. Because apparently one round threatening the use of children as human shields was not enough for Ammon Bundy and his disgusting flavor of religious extremism and terrorism. It really isn’t hard to see where the inspiration for sending them this particular gift, as many people wish they would all choke on one. It seems less messy than any possible casualties caused by this group of terrorist scum.

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