Fugelsang To Twitter: If We Stop Selling Hummers, How Will We Know Who Has A Small… (Tweets)

The joke has long been, he who drives the biggest truck has the smallest… you know. But what if we stop selling military Humvees to civilians, won’t that mess with our ability to weed out the really smalls ones easily?  John Fugelsang said it first, and unbleeped, today on Twitter:

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A smirk, snort, and a small puddle of coffee on my desk, that narrowly missed my laptop, followed reading that. The responses drew further amusement as well, great minds think alike — for sure. I was sure I knew the answer, and I was right, in part. It was the ultimate conclusion here that really made me laugh out loud.

Ammosexuals, they give it away every time:

John Fugelsang

How can we ever tell if they take away big trucks? Here is the answer

However, that isn’t the only answer, not by a long shot:


Vape pens, really?

As you read down the list, it really starts to look a lot like if you look or act like Trump:


Or even Trump supporters:

capture-20160211-154835 capture-20160211-154916

Then that is probably the second best way to determine if the man in question just doesn’t “measure up.”


So there we have it, ammosexuals, trucknutz, and wearing Trump-stuff, according to Twitter are all viable alternatives to large military style vehicles when one just must advertise their teenie tiny weenie.

Feature image via Twitter

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