Fox News Quack Says Gender Equality Means It’s Okay For Men To Hit Women (VIDEO)

It’s a-okay for men to hit women; at least, that’s the message that Fox New’s Medical A-Team featured quack doctor, Keith Ablow, took away from the new surveillance video showing Florida State University quarterback De’Andre Johnson punching a female student in the face at a bar.

While discussing the footage with Fox & Friends, Ablow noted that men not hitting women is an “antiquated notion,” as a result of co-ed sports and the gender equality movement.

Keith “American Jihad” Ablow

Ablow has made questionable statements in the past. Earlier this year, the good doctor announced that he felt “bullied” by transgender people, complaining about transgender people and then saying:

We are being bullied into accepting things that are untrue to our core feelings.

He’s also used Rachel Dolezal to attack transgender people, and has attacked Planet Fitness’ trans-inclusive dressing rooms.

Ablow is also on record saying that men should be able to veto women’s abortion choices.

He even has forays into politics. In October last year, Ablow published an op-ed calling for an “American Jihad” at Fox News, to “reawaken in American citizens the certain knowledge that our Constitution is a sacred document that better defines and preserves the liberty and autonomy of human beings than the charter of any other nation on earth.”

“Dispense with the idea of gender differences.”

While discussing De’Andre’s assault and later dismissal, Ablow expressed his wrongheaded idea that gender equality means men can now hit women.

“[Men not hitting women] may be an antiquated notion if you look at our culture,” Ablow said, “which has just in a wholesale way dispensed with all gender quote-unquote stereotypes.” He blamed co-ed sports and a culture that tries to “dispense with the idea of gender differences” for Johnson’s attack:

Listen if you’re saying that it’s just fine to flip a girl onto her back in a wrestling match, and pin her to the ground and take some joy in that — well then I guess if you’re in a bar and she slaps you, you punch her in the face. Not in Ablow’s world, because you’d never be wrestling her to begin with.

Ablow also believes that gender equality is making women more violent. “YouTube videos of girls, gangs of girls getting in brawls with other girls” that “didn’t happen before” — “when you bought the pink bear for the girl and a blue one for the boy,” Ablow said. He also emphasized that he likes “using the word ‘girls.'” and that “I’m not going to stop.”

Hey, here’s a really radical idea: Why not make it verboten to hit anyone, regardless of gender?

Watch the video, below:

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