Fox ‘News’ Contributor Blames Obama For PP Colorado Shooting (VIDEO)

The shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs was an all too predictable one. With all the violent rhetoric for women’s health clinics from the right-wing — “baby killers” and “murderers” — it was only a matter of time before some self-serving “good guy” went off the deep end and actually committed murder, like we saw on Friday, and we’ve seen countless times before.

So too is the right-wing’s need to blame Obama for every little thing that goes wrong, and their desire to shuck responsibility for their own rhetoric. Combine those three things and you get Fox News contributor Bo Dietl’s absolutely bizarre accusation that Obama is responsible for the shootings.

The Blame Game

The shootings hadn’t even stopped and the right-wing was already blaming everyone but themselves for their violent rhetoric, often invoking the doctored Planned Parenthood videos released earlier in the year.

But while representatives like Adam Kinzinger were blaming Planned Parenthood, professional smear-man, former NYPD cop, and contributor with Fox News frequent flyer miles Bo Dietl was busy blaming Obama for the then-unfolding crisis in Colorado.

So how exactly does Bo Dietl figure it was Obama’s fault?

Because we have to prepare for war, we’re at war, and we’ve got to be prepared, and we need to give the police more high-powered weapons — and it’s apparently Obama’s fault because Dietl reasons:

Again, this is our president acting like a fool. I mean to see something like this, we noticed when the attacks occurred in Paris, when the cops were in their car getting attacked, we have to prepare ourselves. This is a war. We’re against… terrorists are against this country.

It’s going to open up here in America, and we’ve got to be prepared. And we’ve also got to start training all our officers in the use of high powered equipment. We’re dealing with bad people. Our little 9 millimeters are not going to do anything against somebody with an AK-47. [unintelligible—moreso] This is an attack on us; it’s going to be for the next generation. We have to deal with it. We have to prepare ourselves for the worst, and pray that the worst don’t happen.

If you have your gun-nut buzzword bingo sheet, feel free to step forward and claim your bingo prize.

Watch the video below:

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