Former Cop ID’d As KKK Member Finds Job At Florida Elementary School (VIDEO)

From the “Straight Outta Florida” Files: A former Fruitland Park deputy who was ID’d as a member of the Ku Klux Klan, and who summarily resigned, recently found work at a Sumter County elementary school, although said employment was short-lived.

‘He Might Say A Word Or Something And The Children Might Hear It’

Understandably, the parents weren’t happy with the hiring; on Thursday, Facebook burst to life with reports that someone recognized the new cop, David Borst, at Wildwood Elementary School as the disgraced former chief.

The school insists that it did the background check, but that didn’t apparently keep them from hiring a member of the KKK.

Parent Samantha Verges, speaking to Channel 9, said, “That’s terrible. Why would they allow him around children?”

Verges added, “I will be checking at this point to make sure he’s gone and not coming back. First thing in the morning, I think I’ll be in that office.”

Parent Yoma Isaac was concerned for the children at the school: “Kids are smart and they pick up on things. He might say a word or something and the child might hear it.”

The 49-year-old Borst quit his job last year after he and Fruitland Park police Cpl. George Hunnewell were named by the FBI as members of the KKK. After Hunnewell was canned, Borst resigned.

His layover between jobs was short-lived, though, since he was quickly picked up by the school to work in the food service. And almost as quickly as he was picked up the school, he was fired by the school, after just three days.

Parents are still confused how he got the job.

Watch the Channel 9 Report Below:

Featured image via Fruitland Park Police Department via WFTV

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