Florida Principal Arrested After Being Caught With Student And Pot In Parked Car (VIDEO)

The principal of a Florida charter school has been arrested after being found in a car with marijuana and an 18-year-old male student.

WPTV reports that North Palm Beach police responded to a parking lot on May 6 after receiving a call about possible sexual activity in a car. They found 45-year-old Krista Morton, the principal of Mavericks Charter School, in the back seat, along with a male student from the school. According to police, Morton’s blouse was unbuttoned, and her shoulders exposed. While talking to the pair, officers noticed the smell of marijuana, and discovered a container containing pot, along with a lighter and rolling papers.

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Morton initially told police that the student and she were friends. Upon questioning, the boy told police that he was a student at Mavericks. Morton then admitted that she was the principal at the school.

Some parents are upset about the incident. Brenda Anyzeski, whose daughter is a senior at Mavericks, says, “It’s very disappointing. You send your child to school every day and look at what happens.”

Mavericks High School is part of a multi-campus chain of public charter high schools that are located throughout Florida. The school’s website describes it as follows:

Mavericks’ offers students who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, a unique opportunity to earn a state-recognized high school diploma in a smaller, more individualized, self-paced high school environment.

According to WPTVPalm Beach County school officials say that they grant approval for charter schools such as Mavericks, but they have no say in how they are run. Which seems to be saying, “We had nothing to do with hiring Krista Morton.”

Here is a report, from WPTV:

Featured image via the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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