Florida Couple Gave Daughters Cocaine And Marijuana As Incentives For Good Behavior (VIDEO)

A Florida couple has come up with an unusual way to reward their teenage daughters for good and responsible behavior. The only problem is, the reward itself is irresponsible and illegal.

NBC News reports that Chad and Joey Mudd, of Largo, Florida, are charged with giving their daughters, aged 13 and 14, marijuana and cocaine in exchange for the girls’ doing their chores at home and going to school. Both parents have been charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

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The mother, 34-year-0ld Joey Mudd, who works in a pediatrician’s office, is accused of smoking pot with her daughters on five occasions. She has been charged with two counts of child abuse. Chad Mudd, 36, is charged with seven counts of child abuse, plus possession of cocaine. He allegedly snorted cocaine with his daughters, as well as one of their boyfriends. Both parents have been released on bail.

In courtroom video, Chad Mudd’s lawyer can be seen arguing that child abuse charges are too harsh, and that Mudd should be charged instead with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It may be fortunate that stupidity isn’t a crime, because if it were, both Chad and Joey Mudd could be looking at life sentences.

Here’s a report, from NBC News:

Feautred image via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office/WFLA

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