Father Schools The School When They Find His Kid’s Absence ‘Unacceptable’ And Threaten Him

When Philadelphia area DJ Mike Rossi from 92.5 WXTU and his wife Cindy took their kids to Boston to watch him take part in the marathon, he didn’t expect their absences to count as “unexcused.”

 He received a note from his children’s school, Rydal Elementary, saying that the school’s attendance policy doesn’t count family holidays as excused absences. The letter then goes on to threaten the parents with the school “law” and their kangaroo justice system. The principal’s letter read as follows:
Rydal's letter to Rossi.

Rydal’s letter to Rossi.

Rossi responded by schooling the school in what real education can be and was. This is his facebook post in response:


I remember when I was growing up. My parents used to take me on trips with them occasionally. They would inform the school and my teachers would gather all my assignments for me to complete while away. There was a little form to fill out and some “red tape” but generally our school had no problem with a parent taking a child out into the world to actually learn about it.

It’s a shame if Rydal’s reaction to this Boston trip is typical among schools these days.

H/T: boredhumor.com

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