Epic Text Fail Lands Florida Man In Jail (VIDEO)

The first rule of texting is “don’t text while driving.” The second rule is “make sure you send your text to the correct number.” A Florida man who broke rule number two is probably wishing he had paid more attention, because the text he sent to a wrong number landed him in jail.

William Lamberson, 29, of Martin County, Florida, was apparently looking to sell cocaine when he sent a text that simply said, “Hey bro.” It’s not clear who the intended recipient was, but the one who received it was Captain Brian Bergen, of the Martin County Sheriff’s Department. Bergen also happens to work in the department’s narcotics unit.

According to WPEC, Lamberson and Bergen exchanged texts off and on over a period of several weeks, talking about all sorts of drugs, from marijuana to cocaine. Finally, Bergen asked Lamberson if he could get “sum blow” (cocaine). Lamberson told Bergen that yes, he could get him some.

Lamberson has been arrested for possession of cocaine with intent to sell. He is in the Martin County jail, with bail set at $40,000.

Here’s a report, from WPEC:

Featured image via Martin County Sheriff/Facebook composite

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