Entitled Little Drunken Sh*T Demands Mac and Cheese, Gets Completely OWNED (VIDEO)

It seems as though some little entitled, spoiled, drunken future wall street sociopath found himself in quite a pickle after  discovering that mac and cheese is one thing he’s not automatically entitled to. A fracas broke out in a college cafeteria when Luke Gatti (we’ll just call him little dipsh*t), a drunken 19-year-old student at the University of Connecticut, verbally and physically assaulted a manager when he was refused Mac and Cheese.

The little dipsh*t, who was visibly drunk and actually carrying an open bottle of beer, stumbled into one of the school’s dining halls and angrily demanded that they whip him up some “f*cking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese.” Not just Mac and cheese, but “f*cking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese.” King Geoffrey was none too pleased when the manager had the unmitigated gall to defy his mac and cheese lust. Sorry, his “f*cking bacon-jalapeño mac and cheese” lust.

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The manager remained unfailingly professional (he must be taking high amounts of happy pills), standing tall as he politely asked little dipsh*t to leave amid verbal and physical taunts. What happened next shall serve as a lesson to all the future drunken, entitled mac and cheese pr*cks of the world

Watch the entire exchange below:

Daddy will probably bail him out, sue the school, and demand that the intervening employee be fired.  But man did this little pr*ck get OWNED! Then again, he should’ve gotten arrested for wearing socks and sandals in public.

Featured image via screen capture 

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