Dumbest Criminal Alive Lists ‘Drug Dealer’ As Job On His Arrest Report

Florida’s reputation as a state full of crazy ensures us that every bit of silly the Sunshine State has to offer will make the news. Today is no different.

In an incredibly silly story, a Florida man was arrested in a series of events that qualify as good quality humor.

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To get himself noticed, Richard Phillips, 25, first cut off a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy in an unmarked car.  If you’ve ever seen a Florida Deputy in an unmarked car you’d know that they aren’t very difficult to spot with the yellow police tags, multiple antennae and giant black spotlight.

Adding insult to injury, the man was driving a stolen car.

Oh, but it gets better. Police didn’t pull Phillips over immediately.  They instead followed him and observed as he completed a drug deal, which prompted the arrest.

Phillips is being held on multiple charges on $42,000 bail.

And the best is yet to come.  When filling out the paperwork after being arrested, Phillips listed “drug dealer’ as his occupation.

As of yet, there’s been no comment from his attorney on record, but one can only imagine he’s not too pleased.

Caught in the act, driving erratically and in a stolen car, Phillips will probably get himself a round of applause when he enters his initial plea of “not-guilty,” which is automatic in Florida.

You go, Sunshine State.  Your politics and stance on things like women’s rights, gay rights, discrimination, and homelessness are completely abhorrent, but your residents never fail to provide those of us who don’t live under an umbrella of lunacy with a regular dose of deep belly laughter.

In other news, a Florida man called police on his wife for throwing out his beer, another was arrested for bribing a cop with power-washing services, and George Zimmerman is still an asshole.

H/T: Mashable.com | Image: Genius.com



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