Duggar Daddy-In-Law: Anyone Would Touch Kids If They Could Get Away With It

Not only does Josh Duggar belong to the perfect family for enabling a child molester, apparently his sister married into one too. In a recap of the happenings of the past week in Duggar-land, Jessa Duggar’s father-in-law Michael Seewald added to the excuses made by Christians as to why a sinner sins and should be forgiven.

Seewald doesn’t believe that raising a child in the real world with things like sexual education and healthy teenage relationships would have helped the situation in the Duggars’ bizarre home:

Fan the flames of youthful lust and you end up with what we have: unprecedented numbers of unwed mothers, millions of abortions, rampant STDs, and the unraveling of the fabric of our whole society. Josh didn’t sin because he was repressed, he sinned because like all of us he is a sinner.

Sorry, bud.  Josh Duggar “sinned” because Josh Duggar thought, at 14 years old, that fondling young girls was OK. Maybe it’s his parents’ fault for not allowing him to experience life like a human being, maybe it’s his church’s fault for demonizing all things sex. The truth is, there are millions and millions of devout Christians who refuse to sign the sex-ed permission slip and teach abstinence, and their kids don’t do the things Duggar did.

The bottom line is, Josh Duggar did what Josh Duggar did because child molesters aren’t wired right.

While it is commendable that Seewald decided to mention that there are in fact victims, he then goes on to downplay their pain by calling what happened human nature.

This disturbing end to a paragraph filled with parables shows just how far the Christian right will go to defend the actions of a diddler:

Many times it is simply lack of opportunity or fear of consequences that keep us from falling into grievous sin even though our fallen hearts would love to indulge the flesh. We should not be shocked that this occurred in the Duggar’s home, we should rather be thankful to God if we have been spared such, and pray that he would keep us and our children from falling.

We should absolutely be shocked that this happened…in ANY home.

Michael Seewald in this blog of his comes very close to condemning Josh Duggar. Just when you think the indictment is coming comes yet another excuse, another bible passage, and a weak call for those affected by sexual abuse to speak out.

Unless you’re the Duggars. Then you should be happy that you did the “Godly” thing and sought counseling and asked God for forgiveness.

Image: Hollywoodlife.com

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