Drunken Michigan Man In Camos And Clown Mask Plays Trombone, Fires Gun

A 54-year-old Michigan man from Grand Traverse County has been arrested after allegedly being seen wearing camouflage pants, a clown mask, and shooting a gun at a can in the street toward his neighbors’ houses. Oh, and you can throw a trombone into that mix, too.

Grand Traverse County sheriff’s deputies confirmed at least some of the allegations when the man was seen playing a trombone dressed as some kind of deranged war clown.

Odd enough for you? Perhaps that fine gentleman had caught wind of the creepy clowns unnerving a small town out in California. Or perhaps, for whatever reason, he simply decided to get drunk, get into the Halloween spirit and play with his gun and trombone a little too carelessly, though how one plays with a trombone carelessly may post a good question.

Deputies describe the brass band army clown as drunk when they arrived, and they soon arrested him for being in violation of a personal protection order. No one was hurt in the incident, however, and though certainly it could not be determined from the distance of a neighbor’s house, the gun turned out to only be a pellet gun.

All seems harmless enough about the case, really, but the Michigan signature seal comes into play when readers learn that deputies responded to the Blair Township residence at 10:30 a.m. on a Monday, Oct. 20, having been informed a man was standing in his garage pointing a gun at nearby houses.

One call to 911 also reported the man shooting at a can in the road. Likely, it was the trombone that drew neighbors’ attention, only to be heightened at the site of a clown in camo with a gun, but certainly there was no crack and pop from a mere pellet gun that drew the ogling eyes of curious neighbors. That, alone, as well as the beer can target, should have clued most Michiganders into the fact that the gun was no rifle or hand gun.

Yep, that’s all straight-up Michigan for you. I wish it wasn’t so, but trust me – I live here.

If there’s a crazy local story thrust into the national media spotlight for its sheer bass-ackwardness, chances are it’s coming out of Michigan. Luckily, this one turned out to be regular old fools’ play. Being drunk at 10:30 in the morning playing a trombone in a clown mask and firing a pellet gun at nearby beer cans is nothing too unusual, and camos are practically a state uniform. Just ask the militia.

Yeah, it’s Halloween in Michigan all right. I’ve always loved the fall.

H/T: mlive.com / (Featured photo courtesy of Flickr)

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