Disgusting Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Asks Teen Online If She’s Into Polygamy (VIDEO)

The pharmaceutical jerk who bought a life-saving HIV drug and jacked up the price had a perp-walk today for securities fraud. He quickly became one of the most hated men in America for buying the rights to a drug being sold to people for $13.50 and increasing the price to $750.

Now, he gets to pay a ton of cash to try and stay out of prison for allegedly taking stock from a biotech firm he started in 2011 named Retrophin Inc. According to the case, he took the money from that company to pay off debts from another business dealings. Later he was booted from the company as CEO and eventually sued by the board of directors.

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If you thought he was a crook and a generally evil person, it gets worse. Shkreli also likes flirting with teenage girls online. Evidently, he spends a majority of his time tracking what he does on the internet as part of a live stream. For some strange reason, people sometimes watch him as he mostly plays video games. Monday, however, things took a different turn when he started what became an hour and a half conversation with a 17-year-old high school student who goes to his old school Hunter College High.

“If you want to go to Columbia, I could get you into Columbia,” he told the girl via Skype chat which you can see in a video captured by Gawker below. Their interactions ranged from simple college questions about her SAT scores to personal ones like her ethnic background, how many black people go to her school, where she lives and whether high school kids are into polygamy. He even played her a song on his guitar.

At one point he got angry and threatened to beat up a fellow student of the girl’s. “I just need a picture of him, what does he look like?” Shkreli asked. His other alternative, he plotted, was to lure the teen to his house to “fuck you up. I don’t care how old you are,” he told the teen.

All of this went on while commentators on the livestream were trying to explain to him how inappropriate the whole thing is.

“how old is she?” someone asked.

“NOT OLD ENOUGH” Shkreli said to the comments, but he kept right on going.

“BRUH SHE’S IN HIGH SCHOOL HANG UP,” one commenter wrote.

“martin pedo” said another person.

Apparently, the dirty crook doesn’t stop at scamming on teens, according to an ex-girlfriend he has a history of offering cash for sex. Of course, there are screenshots. It shows Shkreli offering $10,000 for a bit of “cl*t-licking.” She sarcastically responds that it seems he hasn’t lost his money or his charm.

Martin Shkreli

Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get more messed up, he takes it even further. It’s unclear when he will “go to rehab” to work on his image, or if he will simply continue on with this lifestyle of sociopathy unafraid of consequences and the inappropriateness of his actions. Will he ever learn?

Check out the video:

Featured image via video capture

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