Creepy Christian Fundies Use Meme Comparing Girls To Apples To Encourage Child Marriage In America

So much for abstinence only education, this group of Christian Fundamentalists from Quiverfull (made famous by none other than the Duggars) wants girls to know their place as belongings that hold value only if they have never been “plucked.” Their goal is to encourage young teens to get married so that they don’t fornicate.

Let Them Marry,” formerly called, “True Love Doesn’t Wait (It Marries)”, is a website devoted to encouraging early marriage and a Quiverfull ministry (of course). It teaches fathers the only truly biblical path to marriage for their young sons and daughters is an early one. You see, they would rather marry off young teens than risk them experimenting with sex.


They have a collection of really disgusting memes, including the one below, encouraging the objectification and ownership of girls while still supporting the power of a father over a daughter’s choices.

Hard to believe yes, but here it is:


Just in case you have trouble reading the above meme, here is the full text:

Girls are like apples on trees. Their fathers are the farmers, whose job is to care for them. He must protect his apples from pests and disease. He must guard them against thieves who may pick his apples prematurely. Neither those at the top nor those at the bottom can help their location. But, when each reaches peak ripeness, it is the farmer’s job to harvest that fruit and give it to whom he will, to those in need. So there is nothing wrong with the apples still on the tree and nothing wrong with the boys who seek them. But it is the farmer’s duty to provide for both, in due season.

They are sick.

According to Vyckie Garrison, once a minor celebrity in the Quiverfull Movement but now recovering:

The onerous quote above, which likens daughters to apples and their fathers to farmers, is an apt representation of the creepy objectification of young girls and women by their own fathers which pervades the Christian purity movement. The message is clear: the value of a young woman is in her virginity — a consumable commodity owned by her future husband, kept in trust by Daddy.


In fact, the meme doesn’t just reaffirm the ownership of a girl – and the fathers responsibility to not only decide when his daughter is ready for sex but to also choose her partner – it also reaffirms that it is only right and good that some people are born being higher, or lower, than others. Also, those fallen apples, you know the worthless ones? Those are the girls that make their own choices.

In this twisted mindset is the pinnacle of what a man can achieve, really, to find one of these father-controlled virginal women, er, well, girls. 

Disgustingly, this is not an isolated thing, there are many thousands of families involved in these disgusting “purity” movements. The idea that to control the sexuality of youth we should marry them off may seem anathema to any thinking person, but in these cultish Christian circles it isn’t uncommon to have daughters “marry” their fathers symbolically at bizarre purity balls, to help girls realize who the real owner of their bodies and choices is.

This is what they honestly believe, and it gets even more disturbing, you see, the flower of her age is probably her menses:


The damage done to a girl’s self-esteem by this hypersexualization and patriarchal bullsh*t can last a lifetime, and so can the decision to marry before one is fully mature. It seems these uber Christian extremists aren’t interested in the mental health, self-esteem, nor even education of their young: as long as their kids get married as virgins, teens or not, they have done well as parents.

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