Creationist Finds 60-Million-Year-Old Fossils, Still Isn’t Convinced About Evolution (VIDEO)

It is what many scientists are calling one of the most important fossil finds in decades, but it just so happens that a creationist is the one who ended up discovering it. Edgar Nernberg, who sits on the board of the Big Valley Creationist Museum, was excavating some land in Calgary, Alberta, with a backhoe when he stumbled across five fish fossils that were surprisingly still in excellent condition.

While scientists are estimating that the fossils are around 60 million years old, Nernberg isn’t buying any of it.

No, this hasn’t changed my mind. We all have the same evidence, and it’s just a matter of how you interpret it.


He further added:

There’s no dates stamped on these things.

Shortly after making the find, fortunately Nernberg did get in touch with a paleontologist from the University of Calgary, Darla Zelenitsky. She told UToday:

Because complete fossils are relatively rare from this time period in Alberta, any such discoveries are significant as they shed light on the nature and diversity of animals that lived not long after the extinction of the dinosaurs. These fossil fish are important because they are very primitive representatives of a large group of bony fish known today.

In what may end up turning out to be one of the most ironic, idiotic things ever, Nernberg was actually looking for evidence that would back up his story that humans co-existed with dinosaurs. He still maintains that there is, in fact, geological evidence for Noah’s flood, and he want’s to make sure his museum has all the pieces it needs to tell this story.

If I had my druthers, I’d want [the fossil fish] in the [creation] museum. This is certainly the coolest thing I’ve found over the years.

There’s no debate about that part. It certainly is one of the coolest things ever, scientists agree. And, Mr. Nernberg still wants to put it in his museum even though it doesn’t provide evidence for creationism, whatsoever. Oh, well, who could blame him for wanting to show off his cool find. Unfortunately for him, any fossils found in Alberta legally belong to that province.

But, science does thank you.

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