Cops Sue After Getting ‘Happy Ending’ Massages During Prostitution Investigation

Secular Talk, host Kyle Kulinski, covers a bizarre lawsuit over privacy rights being levied against Minneapolis by police detectives that received hand-jobs in the line of duty. The detectives are suing, not because they had to allow the illegal tryst to occur during the investigation of massage parlors, but because their names were leaked to the press.

Officers Steve Lecy, Christopher Reiter, and Abubakar Muridi were outed as having received the sexual favors during the course of their investigation into massage parlors. Upset that their city now knows they got a “happy ending” to their massage,  they decided to sue and make their identities a NATIONAL news event.

The cases ended up being thrown out after their illegal activity came to light and now they are claiming their rights were violated under the Minnesota Data Practices Act. Nevermind that it was unethical to participate in the entire “manual release program” as an officer on duty, they are just horrified that people know they got their crotch fruit plucked by a professional.

The complaint says that the officers identities being leaked, may have repercussions on them being able to continue to receive illicit palm love, er….participate in other undercover operations.

This is a complete abuse of power — or entrapment. They shouldn’t be undercover officers or cops for that matter. All over the county, men and women with badges are comitting crimes left and right because of their preceived power. We are getting sick and tired of watching criminals with badges abuse the power we have entrusted them with.

Here is Secular Talk on the issue, courtesy of YouTube: 


Feature image via video capture from YouTube

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