Cop Stopped Man Going 97 MPH, Let Him Go Because He REALLY Had to Sh*t (VIDEO)

With all the stories about police brutality in the news lately, sometimes we just have to celebrate the “good cops.” One such example is this amazing officer who pulled over a man with a good excuse who was busted doing 97 miles-per-hour.

“The reason I stopped you,” the officer told the man, who has a stuttering problem, “is you were doing 95 miles an hour.”

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“No, sir,” the speeder replied. “I was doing 97. I’m not going to lie.” The officer asked why he was going so fast and, in continuing with his honest approach to the traffic stop, “I gotta take a shit.”

The man explained to the officer that his diabetes medication causes him to have issues. “It gives me the shits,” he said.

The officer examined the man’s medication and returned it. “You don’t want to take this,” the stuttering speeder told the officer. “I’m about to shit in my goddamn pants.”

“Mr. South, do me a favor,” the officer said. “Go take a shit and slow down for me, OK? You go to the restroom and just slow down for me, OK?”

“You want to go with me?” the speeder asked, but the officer declined, wishing him a happy holiday. The man apologized for his infraction and the officer left.

Not much information is available about our mystery hero, but it was nice to see that the officer was understanding about the “situation,” and respected the age-old rule of “When you gotta go, you gotta go.”

Watch the encounter below:

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