Conservatives Are So Stupid Snopes Had To Debunk This Onion Article About Obama

Folks, it is a truly sad day in America when Snopes has to debunk The Onion because people are too stupid to know that the whole premise of the publication is satire.

Following President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba, which was the first time a sitting president of the United States has visited the Latin American country in nearly 90 years, The Onion published this photo and headline reading: Hundreds Of Cuban Refugees Clinging To Air Force One On Flight Back To U.S.

Via Snopes

Via Snopes

There was no story, just the headline. Most of us had a high enough I.Q. to simply laugh, or perhaps even click or share. But somehow, not wholly surprisingly, a segment of the ‘Merican population lost their damn minds over it. Emails started flooding in that made it more than obvious that some readers were completely unaware that this was a joke and not a serious news story.

Finally, the fact-checking website Snopes decided to step in and calm the fears of their dimwitted hysterics that Cubans were actually clinging to the wings of Air Force One when it came time for President Obama to leave the country.

Snopes declared the satirical story from The Onion false. (Duh people!) And included the following paragraph explaining what they believe to be the origins of the image, photoshop. Who’d have thunk it, right?

There is a posting of a photograph with people on the wings of a plane and falling from the sky. “Hundreds of Cubans clinging to Wings of Air Force One on the way to the US” Reference I find this very hard to believe. I believe it was photoshopped.

Are there really that many internet users out there blindly clicking away at their keyboards, with literally the entire world of knowledge at their fingertips, who are incapable of realizing that The Onion is satire? I mean, it is what they do dammit. It is The Onion. The most famous satirical publication in existence today. Wow, people. Just wow.


Featured image via The Onion

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