Confederate-Flag-Loving, Obama-Hating Bounty Hunter Commits F**kup Of The Week (IMAGES/VIDEO)

Brent Farley, “bounty hunter,” is a treasure of a human being. According to a post on his Facebook page, written above a picture of the confederate flag:

Brent Farley Post Screenshot  via Facebook.

I don’t want Mexicans or any other group of people trampling across our border without papers. That is real simple. If that makes me a racist, then my wife will be missing a white sheet. I already own the Confederate flag, so I can fit the liberal mold of what the KKK looks like!

Farley also repeatedly expresses his hatred of Obama, loves using the term “libtards,” and has great pride in being part of a militia group. By far the most outrageous of all though, is how he brags about bringing his 11 year old daughter on raids!

Brent Farley Facebook Post Screenshot.

Ironically, two day after this post, he has a raid go terribly, terribly wrong.

Without further ado, the raid that qualifies this “bounty hunter” for the f**kup of the week award…

Last night Farley, director of NorthStar Fugitive Recovery, accidentally raided the home of Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner. According to a report from Fox 10 Phoenix, Farley led a team of 11 “fugitive recovery agents,” also known as bounty hunters, on a raid meant to apprehend a fugitive wanted for armed robbery, based on an unsubstantiated Facebook tip.

Farley was arrested for charges of criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. Maybe he even learned a lesson about believing everything everyone tells him on the internet.  Thankfully, it seems like his daughter was not with his team on this raid.

[UPDATE]: Reports since the time of the writing of this article indicate there was indeed an 11 year-old child with a plastic gun on the scene! There is no confirmation of the identity of the child, but I think it’s a pretty good guess it was Farley’s daughter. Doh! At least for her sake, this did not go down much differently.

Hopefully this raises some questions about the free reign of bounty hunters. Imagine this had been a regular family who’s address had been given as some kind of prank. The following 911 call might not have been answered so quickly and things might have gotten much worse.

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I mean, who would have believed the “crack team” pictured below could make such a huge f**ckup?

NorthStar Recovery Fugitive Team Screenshot via Facebook.

Image via the NorthStar Fugitive Recovery Facebook page.

Watch the video below:

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[UPDATES] It has now come to light that Farley was a convicted felon, which precludes him from getting a license as a fugitive recovery agent or bail bondsman in the state Arizona, not to mention owning a handgun. Additionally, the proper paperwork was not filed on the raid.

Featured image via Facebook

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