Colbert FINALLY Lampoons The GOP’s ‘Fall Below Rock Bottom’ (VIDEO)

It has been four days, lamented Colbert on his show Monday, since Trump defended the state of his enormous manhood during a presidential debate. Now, don’t stop reading! Colbert didn’t get his chance to whip out the measuring stick, and by his measure, the GOP is now looking up at the rock bottom.

While we know that Trump has been super defensive of his “shortcomings” for decades, he sure made a good attempt at displaying shock that ANYONE would notice that his fingers are just far too short for his fat palms. Stephen Colbert has never shirked his duty to mock, and we are richer for his particular talent at it. As the caption for the YouTube clip of this video says, “Look, there was probably no way this thing wasn’t going to devolve into a presidential penis-measuring contest, but it’s no less disappointing.”


There it is. Like laughing at the chick who lands on her face in a skirt, after attempting some sort of acrobatic feat while uncoordinated or simply drunk, we are laughing at the GOP and it’s candidates for much the same reason: this is embarrassing as hell. These GOP f*ckwits have exposed America’s proverbial granny panties in ham-handed and vile displays of toxic masculinity that are considered a bit less dangerous in the bar-room than the White House, but they apparently haven’t noticed that.

I can’t believe these are actually legitimate jokes to be making about a presidential debate right now,” Colbert declares, “now for those of you that have been following American democracy for the last 240 years: we have officially hit a new low in political discourse.

Enjoy Colbert’s turn at reminding the GOP, while we are all sure that they are really proud of their d*cks, perhaps they need to realize that the job doesn’t require one (and stop making all of us look bad!):


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