Chachi Loves Walker: Scott Baio Compares Gov. Walker To Reagan And Wants Him As POTUS (SCREENSHOTS)

Scott Baio has a hilarious online meltdown after being attacked for endorsing Gov. College Dropout for POTUS

Scott Baio isn’t making any friends with liberals after posting a picture of himself and his wife Renee Sloan posing with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The caption reads:

Gov. Walker sounds a lot like President Reagan. ‪#‎WalkerForPres‬

Gov. Walker has easily been one of the most detested governors in the U.S. since he was elected in 2010. Walker recently compared union teachers and firefighters who were protesting his signing a right-to-work law in his state to the likes of ISIS, which garnered widespread condemnation from the media and politicians like Elizabeth Warren. The collegiate dropout has also been criticized for stripping state funds for education, and he seems to be severely allergic to telling the truth. Liberals admonish him for bending over for the Koch brothers and selling out their future, but poor conservatives love him because they think they’re temporarily embarrassed millionaires and the rich in Wisconsin absolutely adore his “benefit the few” style of politics. In a nutshell, he’s a major a**hole.

So basically Baio is right on the money when he says Walker reminds him of the Gipper, but what’s confusing is he says this as if it’s a good thing. The conservative love affair with Reagan makes absolutely no sense.

And just today, Baio made an appearance on his Facebook page to give an eloquent and well-informed response on why he thinks Gov. Walker should be president — yeah right, but the responses were pretty hilarious.

That’s what we here in the business call a “troll pile on.” Eventually Baio was outnumbered, and stopped returning comments, but the dissent keeps spilling in. Click here if you’re logged into Facebook so you can make a comment of your own.

After the pile on, Scott returned to let it be known that his freedom of speech is more special than ours and he should never be criticized for his stupid opinions.

How do the words Scott Walker and President even make it into the same sentence?

How does a blatant liar and certified idiot even become considered to the highest chair in the nation? How does a man whose state was 49th in economic outlook in 2013 become considered the font of success for America?  How do conservative women vote for Walker knowing he destroyed a fair pay law for women? And how do conservatives with children in the public school system feel about him cutting $2.6 billion from education funding which caused 73 percent of schools to cut teachers and other staff? Or the $500 million he cut from universities to turn around and spend it on a new basketball stadium? It boggles the mind! This is what conservatives actually consider “presidential material,” and if that’s the case then Democrats have it in the bag for 2016.

The list of political bumbles really goes on and on with Walker, so how could he possibly be considered any sort of a hero when there are better governors doing far better things for their states? It really boils down to this: He has an ‘R’ next to his name and saves rich people money. BOOM put him in the oval office.

It’s a really good thing that Charles is NOT in charge.

Photo: Scott Baio Facebook

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