Carson Reminds Us He’s Insane: ‘Remember That Amateurs Built The Ark And Professionals Built The Titanic’

Dr. Ben Carson has what can be called a “questionable grasp on reality” — and that’s being generous. This grasp on reality is more tenuous than the grasp that the University of Michigan’s kicker has on a football (too soon?) and he reminded us of this again Friday when he took to Twitter to condemn professionalism and attack people who know what they’re doing.

Political amateurism

Carson has a questionable grasp of science, but since he’s a neurosurgeon, he should at least understand and grasp the importance of knowing what you’re talking about.

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Should, but clearly doesn’t. Remember, this is the same Carson who claimed Darwin was encouraged by Satan to come up with the theory of evolution, who claimed the Holocaust might have been halted if the Germans had guns, that the Constitution was written only for Christians and who claimed victory in a debate with a “leading atheist” because he said he didn’t “come from” a monkey.

This is the same Carson who told the world that he didn’t “believe in” evolution (you can’t “believe in” evolution anymore than you can “believe in” gravity), who wants to silence liberal speech and who wants to do away with all subsidies. He, like most conservatives, seems to be against professionals — or, rather, professionals who tell them things they don’t want to hear.

So in light of all that, his Twitter comment Friday attacking professionals and professionalism doesn’t come across as anything out of the norm:


It’s also important to remember that it was an amateur farm boy from Tatooine who destroyed the Death Star, not a professional military. The moral of the story, clearly, is to fire everyone in our military and contract amateur farm boys from Tatooine.

Or…we can stop comparing fiction and reality. I mean, really, both are solid options.

Also, as a post-script: professionals built the Titanic, but it was almost certainly cost-cutting (also known as “capitalism”) that contributed to sinking it.

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