Hilarious! Cards Against Humanity Protested Black Friday By Selling This Unique Expansion Pack

On Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity released a new expansion pack to their popular “party game for horrible people.” It was a limited edition pack that was themed “Bulls**t,” and it released specifically for Black Friday. Of course, lots of people scrambled to place orders.

But what they got wasn’t a new set of cards to add to their existing cards. Instead, they got literal bulls**t. Yes, buyers actually got a literal box full of bull feces. It was sterilized, but it was still bullpuckey. The buyers weren’t lied to. The purchase page, according to ARS Technica, flat-out said that shoppers were spending $6 for a literal box of bull cookies. In fact, co-founder Max Temkin had this to say about the bullcrap on Twitter:


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And yet, people bought the bull patties anyway. ARS Technica reports that all 30,000 boxes of Cards Against Humanity’s Bulls**t edition sold out within half an hour of publishing their article. Within half an hour. They’re also saying that the company spent a lot of Friday morning assuring potential buyers that they were, in fact, buying exactly what the box said they were buying. So it could appear as a practical joke, but in reality, it was a protest against Black Friday.

Once the boxes were sold out, Cards Against Humanity had this up on their website (notice the jab at Black Friday shoppers):


Screenshot via Business Insider

And they had this in their FAQ:


Screenshot via Business Insider

Cards Against Humanity went further, too, and removed the regular game, and all its expansions and other products, from their website entirely while they were selling their limited edition Bulls**t pack. If you wanted to buy any part of the game on Black Friday, you bought a box full of bull turds. Sterilized bull turds, to be sure, but bull turds nonetheless.

This whole thing did not come from the brain of some experienced business executive looking to make a splash, or a quick fortune. Nor was it a practical joke on unwitting consumers. The company is small and based in Chicago, and is the work of eight twenty-somethings who used their warped senses of humor and obvious contempt for Corporate America, and our obsessive consumerism, to say something about Black Friday. In fact, according to Inc.com, not one of these guys has quit their day job to work on Cards Against Humanity full-time. And yet, it’s likely that each of them is a millionaire. That’s the level of both their irreverence and their contempt.

They scoff at selling the game in traditional retail stores like Walmart and Target, too. Their primary sales are from their website, and they also sell on Amazon. You can find Cards Against Humanity in some game stores, too, but unless the company gets taken over, or is stupid enough to go public (which makes all companies go to hell in a handbasket the instant the IPO is out), we’ll never see it in a lot of the expected retail outlets.

This brings us back to their Black Friday sale. These eight guys are not only irreverent with the game, they’re irreverent when it comes to protesting, too. It’s refreshing to see a company, even one like Cards Against Humanity, actually protest that which every other retailer worships.

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