This Is The Best Mug Shot Ever (Video)

When the zombie apocalypse comes, don’t drink and drive. And turn your headlights on, so you don’t wind up like Catherine Butler.

WROC 8 reports Rochester, New York police pulled over and arrested Butler for drunk driving twice in one night last Saturday.

Butler was first arrested around 2 a.m. for operating without headlights and a DWI. She was then released to a friend. Less than three hours later, police say she was caught swerving on Buffalo Road. That’s when Butler was arrested for a second DWI.

Butler looks awfully banged up in her mug shot photo. Did Rochester’s finest give her a hard time? Thankfully, no. The New York Post reports Butler had been celebrating Halloween at a local bar’s “Zombie Prom party,” for which she had apparently dressed to the nines.

When police put Butler in the paddy wagon for the second time, she was “still in her zombie costume and makeup. Her police mug shot shows her wearing fake blood and cuts on her face.”

Who said Halloween’s just for kids?

Butler’s zombie mug shot.

Here’s the video with the news report on the zombie mug shot from WROC 8 .

Zombie Catherine Butler mug shot photo: Screen grab, WROC 8

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