Bush Was President When This Detroit Grandma Started Fighting To Get One Open Manhole Covered (VIDEO)

Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying, and in that case one Detroit grandmother is simply in stitches over a manhole in front of her home she’s been begging to have covered for at least the last eight years.

LaShonda Wells lives in daily fear someone, even a child, could fall into the uncovered hole, so residents have taken measures into their own hands to cover it with wooden planks, but Wells says the repair is not “reliable,” of course. She says her numerous requests of the city to take care of the situation have led nowhere. Once, Detroit’s Water and Sewerage came out, however, and put a barricade around the wooden planks. They also added a caution cone. So, there’s that.

Wells said:

Each time I try to get some help, they say it’s the other person’s fault, still nothing is ever done.

Rightfully fed up, Wells contacted Ronnie Dahl, of 7 Actions News, and Dahl used a mobile app to report the issue to the city.

After a few days of nothing but crickets, Dahl got in touch with the Department of Water and Sewerage, as well as with the mayor’s office. Shortly after, the water department stopped by to inspect the issue.

But just like Ms. Wells said, the water department responded soon enough that it wouldn’t be taking responsibility for covering the manhole. According to 7 Action News, it “doesn’t believe the manhole is for the water department.”

WXYZ reports:

The next step calls for the water to be drained from the manhole so a crew can gain access. Once inside, the crew may be able to identify the underground equipment to determine which department is responsible for the manhole so the cover can be replaced.

Right! But who is going to take the initiative to actually drain the manhole in order to find out who is responsible? So long as any and all departments have plausible deniability… it’s no wonder this manhole has never been sealed off.

And who knows if it ever will be.

H/T: wxyz.com | Featured image: via wxyz.com screengrab

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