Ben Carson Asked A Class Of 5th Graders To Point Out The Dumbest Kid In Their Class

Ben Carson had an opportunity to speak to a 5th-grade class in Iowa recently, so he chose to make use of the time by showing the children that it is ok to group shame and bully other students.

Speaking to a large crowd at Isaac Newton Christian School, Carson asked the fifth-grade class “Who’s the worst student?” Several students all pointed to one boy who was standing in the audience.

For being a brain surgeon, Ben Carson sure isn’t too bright.

Carson tried to quickly play-off the occurrence by saying “just kidding” but the damage had been done. He was attempting to create an introduction into the topic of how he often felt like the dumbest kid in class growing up before he found his path in life and became a neurosurgeon.

I don’t know about the dumbest kid in class. It’s a definite possibility. However, Carson was definitely the dumbest person in the room that day. What he did was cruel and ignorant. This is the kind of group shaming and bullying that causes children to have problems in school, and in life, every day. Carson is an adult and a presidential candidate. What the hell kind of example does this set for other children?

Engaging in damage control after the event, Carson met with the student after the assembly and encouraged him to become a neurosurgeon like him.

The 10-year-old was asked how he felt about the fact Carson singled him out, and he said he was not embarrassed, according to reporters.

It doesn’t really matter if the kid was embarrassed or not. What matters is an adult who is also a presidential candidate set the example to a 10-year-old boy’s class that it is ok for them to gang up on him.

Featured image via Wonkette

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