Babysitter Fires Shots At Two 8 Year Old Boys, Says She Doesn’t Remember Doing It

Kentucky – Two 8 year old boys were forced to run away from a woman they say told them she would kill them. Sometime during the night, their babysitter threatened them and fired shots at them. Luckily they were taken in by a neighbor of the babysitter’s who called the police for them and no one was injured.

The babysitter, Lorie Cornett, answered the door for the police with the weapon in her hand, two spent cartridges in the gun and three on the table. She claims that she has no recollection of the boys being there with her. According to police she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and doesn’t even recall the children being there with her.

Drugs, alcohol, guns, 8 year old boys, and babysitters who like to ride the crazy train late at night… this reads like a damn dime store novel. I guess she was one of those responsible gun owners who stayed armed to protect herself and the children she cared for from the bad guys. Right up until she became the bad guy. I suppose the parents will sue, and the woman will go to jail or treatment (we can hope), but this story could have ended very differently.

The babysitter opened her door and the loaded gun was in her hand, like she was waiting for the kids she claims to not remember were there. There were spent shells in the gun and on the table but she wasn’t sober enough to hit the broad side of a barn so the boys were not hit. They will, however, live with the terror of this situation and have to deal with this for the rest of their lives.

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