ATM Theft Literally Backfires, Thief Blown Right Out Of His Shoes (VIDEO)

Had this failed attempt at an ATM theft gone as planned, it surely would have gone down in history as the crime of the century.

Shirt over face.  Check.  Sandals for daring getaway on foot.  Check.  Incendiary device to blow up the machine and steal the cash.  Check.

Common sense?  Oops.  Must have left that at home.

Authorities in Australia are still looking for this guy, probably to charge him with stupidity, calling him a suspect in another ATM theft.  One can only assume that he leaves the sandals he’s blown clean out of behind every time he tries to light something on fire.

Apparently nobody told him that money is made of paper, which comes from trees, which burn when you light them on fire.

“This behaviour is extremely dangerous and there is absolutely no reward. This person is lucky to have escaped serious injury,” said Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Karl Day, of the Northern Territory Police Department.

Well, he had to say…something.  “This jackass is lucky to be alive and we’d like him to stop trying to blow things up now” may have been a bit forward and crass.

We can officially call 2014 the year of stupid.


H/T:  ABC News | Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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