Armed ‘F*CK ISLAM’ Hatefest Organizer Wants $10 Million In Donations For ‘Protection’

The ignorant a-hole who organized the armed protest of peaceful Muslims last Friday now says he fears for the safety of his family. Appealing to the kind of imbeciles who made Memories Pizza wealthy for nothing other than being discriminating bigots, Jon Ritzheimer made this plea for $10 million on his GoFundMe campaign:

I know this seems like an absurd amount of money and I’d like to explain that. The money will go towards fortifying my house and getting what ever is necessary to make them feel safe again. I refuse to profit from this and any additional funds will go to Children’s Hospital. You have my word on that! And should I decide to run for John McCain’s seat in the Senate that is up for grabs this election, money will go towards starting my campaign as well. I would be running as an Independent Free Man who refuses to be labeled left or right.

GoFundMe is tired of so-called “Christians” profiting from ignorance, and at the time of this article the campaign was removed and “under review.”

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Seriously Jon? $10 million to fortify your house? Ritzheimer doesn’t include how much of that money would be needed for Tony Stark’s consulting fee. No problem, though. Any leftovers will be ever so benevolently donated to charity. What a guy.

Not to worry; A friend of Jon’s suggested on his beggar of a Facebook post that he use a bigot-friendly service called Samaritan’s Purse.

Even more laughable is Ritzheimer’s assumption that there are enough bigots, even in Arizona, to give a reprehensible jackass like him a shot at John McCain’s seat in the senate. Delusional from beginning to end.

The best part about Ritzheimer’s claim is that there haven’t been any ACTUAL threats made against him. Ritzheimer’s claims someone posted his address, which puts his family in danger. Maybe Jon should have considered that Google is the culprit, and that before you organize something so hateful you should make sure your address isn’t so easily searchable.

Ritzheimer’s event drew as many supporters of the mosque as protesters, and the Muslims who worship there took the hate rally with a grain of salt, even inviting the haters to see what they’re really about.

Hopefully Ritheimer fades into oblivion sooner than later. His fifteen minutes are officially over.

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