Anti-Vaxxers Try To Kill Their Toddler’s Meningitis With Maple Syrup–Kill Their Toddler Instead

A Mormon couple from Alberta, Canada who don’t believe in vaccinating children took their ignorance of science to the level of fatal when their child contracted meningitis. CBC News reports that David and Collet Stephan have been charged with neglect after their toddler succumbed to the disease.

Prosecutors say the couple decided to treat the child with an eyedropper full of supplements and lay down with him rather than call an ambulance when the boy stopped breathing. When they finally did get help, it was too late. The boy spent a week on life support before passing.

The mother told police that they were informed by a friend, a registered nurse, that their son had meningitis. She and her husband responded by trying to boost his immune system with olive leaf extract, whey protein, water with maple syrup and juice with frozen berries. The boy became stiff and lethargic, so the couple fed him a mixture of apple cider vinegar, horseradish root, hot peppers, onion, garlic and ginger root.

Incredibly, none of that worked. (By comparison, there’s this thing called modern medicine which could have possibly prevented the meningitis with an HiB vaccine or treated the boy using conventional medical methods to reduce the swelling around the brain and spinal cord caused by the illness.) None of that occurred to the parents, who should be brought to Alberta’s highest point and dropped on their heads for their negligence.

The couple is no stranger to homeopathic treatments and supplements. They run a company that sells a supplement called Empowerplus that is supposed to have magical effects on mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. Health Canada tried unsuccessfully to have the supplement banned. The Canadian government has issued warnings against the supplement, which the couple reportedly also gave to their son while he was sick.

David Stephan has said that he believes the government is prosecuting them to force people through the courts rather than legislation to vaccinate their children. Apparently, in the mind of a lunatic, the rights of people to be stupid outweigh the rights of sick children to receive medicine. The prosecution has nothing to do with vaccination; it is aimed strictly at the neglect that led to the death of a child.

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