Ammosexual Racist Shoots Self In Penis — Blames Black Guy

If racist ammosexuals aren’t careful, one of these days, they’re going to end up making themselves look bad. Well, I guess it’s too late. A convicted white felon in South Dakota found himself in more than a little hot water after trying to buy a gun.

43-year-old Donald Anthony Watson (why do they always have three names?) put a gun in his pocket early in the morning on September 6th. It discharged and hit him in one of the worst places possible. He was admitted to the emergency room shortly after the incident happened.

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When police arrived to question him, he lied and blamed it on “a black guy who tried to rob him,” outside of his apartment building. The only problem? There was no black guy or attempted robbery and there was no evidence nor were there any witnesses to corroborate his story. There were witnesses, though, who heard screams coming from his apartment at the time of the shooting.

After police searched his home, however, they found bullet fragments on his bed (your guess is as good as mine as to why he had a gun near his penis while lying in bed) and they found an empty gun case, but no gun.

The officers confronted Watson and once again asked him how he was shot and he admitted that he put it in his pocket and that’s when the gun discharged (uh huh). He still hasn’t told the cops where he hid the gun, but he says he was just looking at it with the intention of buying (again, uh huh).

In South Dakota, it’s illegal for a felon to possess a firearm and he is currently being charged with that and with filing a false report of a crime and a false report of information to law enforcement.

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